Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sock Summit 2011

It is just a few days ago that I was in Portland, having the time of my life. I arrived the day before classes started at 10:30 AM, took the MAX to the Red Lion Convention center, parked my bags and waited for my ride to the luncheon. Debby Accuardi is not only a dyer, she and her husband own Gino's Restaurant. For the first SS and again in 2011, she hosted a wonderful luncheon for SS attendees. As soon as I saw it mentioned on Ravelry, I jumped on the opportunity to go again. Chrissie Gardiner picked several excited ladies up at the lobby around noon and drove us across town to Gino's. Half of the group had enrolled in a dyeing workshop and were already there when we arrived. The food was wonderful! Debby's menu this time was all vegetarian.

There were wines, too! Not one, but two wonderful desserts were included with our meal...

Sock Summit 2011 was awesome. There were fantastic classes and events to be enjoyed...even a flashmob that you can find on utube, if you are truly brave.

My purchases were few, but mighty. Besides Signature Needles in three different sizes, I scored yarn from Hazel Knits.One last picture that I want to include in this post was snapped just before the flashmob swung into action. Three lovely ladies from the Skein Gang at Skein, in Pasadena, CA.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sock Summit 2011

Portland Convention Center here I come (in 69 hours).

Ok people....I am packing for the trip to Mecca! The most important items are ready to go. That would be: 1) a Fascinator crafted by Janie Basil

2) the de rigueur tiara

and 3) Stitch markers packaged and ready to swap

Monday, October 11, 2010

For the Love of Socks

I have been working on a couple of projects...and thinking of adding another to the mix as soon as I finish the first Cubist Sock. Thus the lovely line on my finger. Only another knitter would recognize the dye residue deposited on my tensioning digit. The sacrifices we make for our craft! On the other hand, the sock is a delight to knit. Cookie is such an exquisite designer. Her charts (once I have them enlarged to the proper size for my old eyes) are fun, fun, fun!! For yarn, I am using the latest installment from Blue Moon. The colorway is Piney and the color will stabilize after a rinse or two. The finger will return to normal quickly. No fear- it is this knitter's badge of honor.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Give me Shelter!

I couldn't resist when Brooklyn Tweed posted about his yarn line, Shelter. It arrived this morning and it is lovely...don't you think? He has several new patterns that will probably be ordered up soon. My daughter has already approved one and suggested a colorway she would like.

The other exciting, knitterly event is Stitches West registration...which opened this AM. I almost missed the starting gate trying to figure out what 9AM Central Time translates to in Altadena, CA. Thanks to the trusty Mac I found out and grabbed all the classes I wanted.

Monday, September 20, 2010

End of Season

We harvested what appears to be the last few tomatoes from this year's sad little garden. It was totally neglected and we got what we deserved for our lack of attention.

They were quite tasty, I am happy to report!

I have another picture of the BSJ ... of the buttons that were sewn on last night. They are a good match, don't you think?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Set

Things have been a blur since we arrived home. The first week back I worked the entire week (except Thursday) because the other teacher, Nancy, took a few days off. No rest for the wicked, I guess! Also, the secretary for the Youth Accountability Board is about to go on maternity leave and I hadn't made her baby gift. Yikes!! Once again the much loved BSJ to the rescue! Not only that...but the perfect skein of Jitterbug was found in my stash. You can locate the particulars about the yarn and hat on Ravelry, if you are interested.

Monday, September 6, 2010

More of the Baja Trip

In response to yesterday's posting, I received a lovely email from Margarita Carrillo de Salinas, Don Emiliano's Chef and owner. She is in Mexico City preparing to leave for an International food conference in Ireland. Margarita is a leading proponent of the Slow Food movement. Here are a few more shots taken at our two dinners with her...

An evening spent on her patio is a must if you visit San Jose del Cabo!

Back at the Hacienda del Mar there were many places to explore. We took several walks with cameras in hand. You never know what you might see there...

There is a story about the upside-down saint on the altar....

On the property, actually on the hotel side (Sheraton) there is a chapel with a lovely door and vaulted ceiling. Who knew they had wireless?

The plants are amazing!

The pools were lovely!

..and the beach

Oh yes, we'll be back here!

I promise to include more knitting related items in the future! This little fellow was propped up at the table next to us at breakfast one morning. He travels with a young couple from Boston. Wherever they are, they costume him appropriately ....