Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sock Progress

As you can see, the Leafling/Lucky/Cancun Calcitenes have made some progress.  Knitdad and I sorted out the heel turn yesterday afternoon.  This is a very interesting construction! A few additions to the pattern would have been helpful -a sentence here and there to assure less skilled knitters that they were, indeed, on the correct path. You know, words of encouragement...
We are not packed yet.  However, I did wrestle the suitcases out of the closet and Spookie has been checked into his favorite room at Cat's Pajamas.  Not much to pack really - shorts and swimsuits, suntan lotion and hats....and knitting.  Meghan downloaded some books and music to my ipod yesterday.  That should keep us entertained during the flight and shuttle rides.
Meghan and Julien gave us a copy some of the pictures they took from an Island Packer boat last weekend.  They went whale watching off Ventura and ended up in the middle of a mega dolphin pod.  It must have been thrilling.  Here is just one shot....I may/may not post from Mexico....we'll see what happens with the internet connections when we get down there.   I will have pictures at some point soon.
Adios for now...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cancun Calcitenes

Well, my "Lucky/Cancun Calcitenes" socks are underway. Yesterday I was in full panic mode when I encountered a sock construction that was novel to me...yes, I know that is what Cat Bordhi's newest book is all about. I just haven't wrapped my tiny brain around it yet. Slowly, I will, I trust - at Camp Crow's Feet, if not sooner.

Thanks to Ravelry, I was able to call in the "big guns." I put a shout out to some fantastic knitters who were further along on the sock...and they answered. As usual, I had already sorted out most of the problem (my lack of knowledge) by simply trusting the pattern and knitting as written and not OVERTHINKING.... I also called Knitdad and alerted him to my perceived problem as I will most likely end up at SIT for some much need help this Friday.

A big Thank You to Fiberfish and Nederlass for responding so quickly to my plea for help...

Now I am off to attempt a heel construction that is also going to be a new experience...deep breath, pick up the needles, exhale and begin....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gentleman Socks

...are finished. I am happy to report that, for the first time, I did not need to take a peek at the Kitchener Stitch tutorial. The trick, at least for me, is to repeat the newly learned technique with frequency, at short intervals. I think the socks reflect a good choice of yarn, color way and pattern for the happy hunter. Even Spookie approves!

The trip project has selected itself. BMFA sent my second installment in the Socks that Rock club for this year. Both the pattern and the socks are fun! I have renamed them Cancun Calcitenes, in honor of our upcoming trip.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spinning Wheel....

We went to breakfast early yesterday to say "good bye" to John and Tracy who are relocating to Hemet. What a surprise when John walked us out and over to the rear of his Durango, opened the hatch and lifted out an antique spinning wheel. He said that I could probably use it...I have not really launched into spinning yet. This just might push me over the edge. What do you think? It appears to have been made by "John H" in 1840.

My Camp Crow's Foot project was mailed on Friday and should arrive this Wednesday at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. In theory, the two boxes will be held for me at the front desk until I arrive. Fingers crossed that all will be there on April 14th for the unveiling. Sorry no sneak peeks.

The Gentleman Socks are coming along and should be finished by the end of this week. I am currently sorting through patterns and sock yarn to select my next project. These will be Cancun Socks as they will come along to the Riviera Maya...

Off to make my reservations for the pre-camp yarn that I have communicated with other crawlers to coordinate lodgings. It is going to be way too much fun, I fear!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tragedy Averted

I thought I was going to have to do my gym workout without listening to my ipod podcasts.  Lime and Violet are my current workout buddies and my ipod was missing this morning.  It is usually plugged in at the keyboard in our breezeway(office)-so it is updated.  When I looked for it, it was nowhere to be found.  Dejected, I slumped down the stairs and into Greg's truck to start the sad ride to our gym...knowing that my workout would seem like an eternity without some yarn tales to listen to.  I was peddling away on my bike when Greg emerged from the men's locker room, ipod in hand. Apparently it ended up in his gym bag after my last workout.  Happily I put the earpieces in and joined my knitting sisters in their next adventure.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Windy Night

Sunday night was unbelievably windy up here in the foothills.  Just before we lost our power, Greg shut the computer down.  It didn't come back on until five minutes after he returned home with most of the batteries and lanterns from our local Target.  Timing is everything, isn't it?  On our way out to breakfast that morning, we discovered the source of our problem...a palm tree's top came down on our power lines.
Most of this week's energy is devoted to the "secret project" that cannot be fully revealed until Sock Camp.  It is coming together, slowly....with helpful suggestions and contributions from friends.  Thanks to Larry, Christine, Janice for Estelle for the coolest yarn ever and to Greg for the skeleton.  I promise to post a picture from camp...or just after.
I did finish the first Gentleman Sock in camo.  It is a nice pattern and it fits Greg's foot beautifully. 
The following youtube clip is just too funny to not here it is

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where did it all come from?

All of the tubs behind me are FULL of yarn...and there are fourteen of them! Like some friends (who shall remain nameless), I have more yarn than any one person could knit in two lifetimes. Will that keep me from participating fully in the pre-camp (camp Crow's Feet) yarn crawl? I don't think so. If you are on Ravelry, you can see what the camp and pre camp yarn crawl chatter is by going to the BMFA/Socks that Rock group.

Fred, Greg's relative who is doing the genealogy on his mother's family, sent the packet that shows the relative who fought in the Revolutionary War. It is quite interesting...large families back then. This is a picture of Greg's mother.

The Gentleman Socks are coming along slowly. They have taken a back seat to the "secret project" that is well underway now.
Working on two circulars does have several advantages-including how easy they are to try on as you are working. It is clear now that I will have to take Knitdad up on his offer of another skein ...this pattern does eat up yarn.

Last week I purchased this frog keychain at SIT....yes, it seems that I have a small frog/toad collection...doesn't it?

Spookie is really enjoying the crisp, cool weather. He couldn't wait to get outside to go and explore the backyard...and I must get back to work.

I couldn't resist including this fantastic version of Swan Lake that was sent to us yesterday. Amazing what some people can do!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Secret Project Underway

My long awaited "package" arrived from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It contained some bits and pieces of yarn and directions for the camp project. I think most of the sophomore campers expected that we would be constructing a crow, based on our chicken assignment for last year's Camp Cockamamie. Well, surprise, surprise...if you are going to Orcas Island for the event, you probably already know what Tina & group came up with. Unusual project is all I will say right now.... I already have my concept, yarn and plan of attack. The central piece is finished-my first crochet project, I might add. Some people who saw me working on it earlier today were relieved when I explained that it was a joke. Needless to say there were many sideways glances cast my way. Sorry, no picture will be posted until it has been officially unveiled at Rosario Resort. Thanks, Knitdad, for the crochet tutorial!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't Drink and Knit

We went to the Vertical Bar last night and enjoyed a flight #11 and some delicious, tasty morsels...that were followed by berries and port at home. Then I decided to knit. Bad we'll see if I can pick up that missing stitch without ripping back too far.

Yesterday my new dpn sock needle set arrived from Knit Picks-
aren't they beautiful? My current project, Greg's socks, are on they will have to wait for the next pair.
We have been in touch with a relative(Greg's side) who is researching family genealogy. He said that he has information that indicates there was a relative in the Revolutionary War. If that is true, Meghan could be in the DAR if she chooses. We shall see what comes of this.
Can't resist including two photos of Spookie that I snapped this morning after breakfast.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Greg's Turn

This pair of socks is going to be for Greg. He was very patient while I knitted the two Jaywalkers, Meghan's Pomatomus and the Tidal Wave. So, yesterday I went through the sock yarn tub(s)..yes, that is plural now...and found five suitable yarns from which he selected Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Camouflage. Then it was on to the problem of which pattern to do. I used Ravelry's pattern search function and typed in "men's sock" and up came The Gentleman's Sock pattern. The comments looked favorable-so I printed it out and cast on the 80 stitches required for a medium. It should go smoothly.
The socks are on a potting bench that Greg made for me ten years ago...a birthday surprise that he kept hidden in the shop.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tidal Wave Socks..

were finished last night, before Knit Group. I had assumed that they were close to completion the night before-but, when I tried the second sock was a wee bit snug. Comfort is important enough to me to encourage ripping back. So, in the spirit of my friend, Mario, I bit the bullet and frogged back to the bit before the toe decreases. All went smoothly and, thankfully, the Kitchener was done before the group arrived. The group is quite lively and I have to be really focused when I weave the toe together.

Last night's Knit Group was both fun and informative. Several interesting projects were shared and my friend, Pat B., not only joined us-but also brought nummy treats. They were traditional French cookies called Financiers. Truly too good to describe. My daughter was given some of the ingredients that are hard to obtain here via Pat's sister(who lives in France)...and made some that I sampled last year. Thank you, Pat. Now back to the gym for me!

This morning we are planting tomato plants that were purchased a few weeks ago. Last year our garden didn't really get off the ground. Hopefully, we will do better and have wonderful produce to share with friends. We'll see.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Patrick is Finished

The Patrick Sweater is officially finished.  Last Monday (fresh off the plane from Stitches West) I rolled into SIT for a redo of one shoulder whoopsie and then on to do the 3-needle bind off.  Knitdad showed me three different finishing techniques to use on this sweater. After the shoulders, I moved on to the sleeves.  They were attached using a crochet slip stitch.  On Friday he showed me how to do the mattress stitch for the sides. The result, I think, is a nice looking man sweater for a very deserving and stash tolerant husband.
My TOFUtsies arrived from YarnDogs, as promised.  Knitdad said that I would find that it splits a bit...that remains to be seen.  What a cool idea to have special colorways for Stitches West along with patterns in PDF.  What do you think of the colorways?
Yesterday was a work day at Unraveled.  I can't believe that I forgot to bring in the pink Koigu that Jillian requested from the Stitches market.  Sorry!  Hopefully she will be able to drop by when I will be there this Tuesday...the four skeins are already in my car-so I will have them for sure this time.
There was a large order of Sublime (aptly named)...much of it special tag yesterday.  Also, Janice was in to work with continuing students on their ongoing projects. Knitdad dropped in and was kind enough to help me sort out the tags. By the end of the day I was too tired to go out to a student concert with Greg.  So I stayed home and finished the first Tidal Wave Sock and cast on the second.  It seems that I am never too tired to knit.
This morning it is a really beautiful Southern California day.   After the gym and breakfast out, we hit some long neglected gardening chores.  Greg is over on the lot clearing shrubbery, so students can park.  I worked in the front for awhile, weeding around the rose bushes.  Spookie is keeping a sharp eye out for tasty morsels that we might uncover for him.