Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!  Actually, we celebrated at Lucky Baldwins two nights ago. Greg teaches until 11 this evening...so we celebrated early just in case we are too tired tonight.

Yes, I will be wearing green to work this morning. Thanks to my Spring Foward Socks, I will be safe from pinches.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Stitches Stash Enhancement....

This set of buttons from Black Water Abbey was a must buy....check out the dragonflies. Not quite sure what project they will be perfect for - but I love them. My other button purchase is for a project that was finished some time ago. If you go to my project page on Ravelry, look at my Broad Street Mittens. Notice that they are, sadly, lacking buttons. The acorns will be the perfect touch-don't you think?

When I was standing in line, I noticed that the three people behind me were all holding Simple Style...it looked like a good book and there was only one left. No impulse shopping here.

Then there were patterns to be purchased....
I don't have the yarn for the Interlacements' pattern to the left. Still thinking about this project. Might be fun.

and more patterns.... Lucy Neatby's Bicycle Socks

and an easy Lily Chin shawl pattern...

that she graciously offered to autograph when she discovered it among my purchases as we sat next to each other at the Hyatt sushi bar comparing marketplace finds....


I also picked up a pattern from Black Water Abbey for three hats that my daughter liked.

I did pick up some green yarn for one hat and the ecru pictured in the pattern arrived in the mail two days ago.

Yesterday's post brought the last item from this year's Stitches that I plan to blog. It is the Jackets book from Cheryl Oberly. She not only autographed her book - a beautiful bookmark was inside. Wouldn't it be fun to take one of her workshops?Oh, yes. I have been knitting, too. Check out my page on Ravelry for the latest project.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still Unpacking ....

Sorry for doing the reveal in dribs and drabs...there is just too much for me to post in one sitting. You know, there is knitting to be done, too. Just off the needles this morning is another hat to keep my daughter's head warm when she is in Boston. It was a fun knit in a lovely yarn.

The third sweater project that I purchased while at Stitches West is a Lucy Neatby design, Venus Rising. The yarn I will be using is Kauni, a wool that I had, until Stitches, not seen in person. It is beautiful, colorful..and will keep me entertained while knitting!
Next out of the bag are some wonderful sock yarns. If you know me...you know that I have a special weakness for Blue Moon's fingering weight sock yarn. Like I don't have enough already!
Here are some that I could not resist adding to my collection.
and there were the other random sock yarns that I could not leave behind....

still unpacking ....more sock yarn

Well, that will have to be all for today. We have plumbing and carpentry projects underway and the craftroom is in need of organization...patterns to sort into binders.

Just a typical Sunday at home.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Eye Candy

I have had several requests to post my purchases from Stitches West 2009. Since there are more than just one or two skeins to share, I plan to do it in small doses over the next few days. I don't want to be responsible for the visual stimulation that could happen downstream!
So, without further ado....the carry on bag my daughter had the foresight to bring.
 The first item out of the bag is yarn for the asymmetrical cable sweater in Cheryl Oberle's latest book, Knitted Jackets. The book was sold out - but I purchased it from her when I paid for the yarn. The yarn is yummy and a color I absolutely adore.
Next up is yarn for another sweater project, the February Lady Sweater. Three skeins of BMFA's HeavyweightThat is all for this morning...more to follow over the weekend and early next week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back From Stitches West

I am decompressing after a whirlwind long weekend of fiber overload at Stitches West 2009. My daughter joined me for Saturday and Sunday, making the experience even better. 

Later in the week I'll share my yarn and knitting related purchases. Before dashing off to work this morning I wanted to post a photo of my favorite teacher from the past three Stitches I have attended - Lucy Neatby. This year the class was on something I have avoided, intartia. Lucy's instructions have cleared up some issues for me and perhaps an intartia project is in my future!

What do you think of her sweater?She has DVDs for sale on her website that are very helpful. I purchased the last three that are currently available. They happen to feature intartia techniques & tips.