Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's Almost Time

...for Sock Wars III to begin!  This is my first (and probably only) attempt to play an assassin game.  It will be fun to see how long I can stay alive.  For the past week, I have been mulling over which technique to use- weighing the advantages/disadvantages of each.  DPNs, wood or metal? Two circulars/one or two socks?  One circular/two at a time?  Too many choices for my little brain to process.  The whole thing kicks off tomorrow at 12PM GMT...which is very early in the morning here in the foothills above Pasadena.  I plan to get to bed early tonight..and wake up by 4 AM, shower, don my official warrior garb, print out my marching orders and CAST ON. Greg has promised strong, home roasted coffee to provide the needed jump start.  Spookie is involved, too-providing moral support. 

Speaking of Spookie, it appears that he has added a new element to his morning routine.  If the garage (Greg's workshop & coffee roasting factory) is open, Spookie surveys it first and then jumps up on the hood of my car to check out the mid-yard area.  Yes, there are now many paw prints decorating my very white hood. He is truly master of all he surveys....

Monday, May 5, 2008

Waiting for Sock Wars III

I have not been knitting socks for two whole days now and that feels sooo weird. Could it be sock withdrawl?  I decided that since Sock Wars III starts on the 9th, my hands should take a rest from small needles. So I finished a store sample for Unraveled that has been sitting for awhile. (DON'T read this Christine!)  It was a fun, simple knit out of SWTC's Karaoke yarn that should be popular.  I used only one skein of this wool/soy blend in a cable pattern to give customers an idea how far one skein will go. 

To amuse myself today, I continued on a quest that actually started before Sock Camp.  I had heard that Converse Shoes produced a "transparent shoe." Thinking, "wouldn't that be great for showing off socks"...I began my search.  Some of my fellow campers had heard the same yesterday I jumped on the internet and tracked down the elusive shoes online and they were IN STOCK. Then, after a brief discussion with the 888#  store rep, I decided to order them from the local store (as a special order) to save on the shipping charges.  The local store manager (at the Arcadia Mall) was quite surprised to find out that they were available. According to him, "they have been very popular (probably sock knitters, duh) and had been unavailable in small sizes for some time."  They are actually designed for men....Mine have been ordered and will be brought by my very overworked but much appreciated UPS person within a week. This is the link so you can check them out and, perhaps, order a pair for yourself...

Last Wednesday, April 30th was Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night. I had forgotten and drove down to meet up with a local knitting group...they remembered!  We walked down the street and enjoyed the night air, people in line, three scoops each(for less than $1.00) and a political opinion displayed on a vintage truck.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cedar Creek finished!

I finished the Cedar Creek Socks late yesterday.  Just for giggles, I closed the toes two different ways.  Thought it might be good to have as a sample if someone was interested in comparing the look of different finishing techniques.  Who knows??

Before going to Williams Sonoma for our "Mother's Day Brunch Class," we had breakfast at Green Street.  Many yummy things were sampled on an already full stomach.  

I am sharpening up my pointy stick to do war later this week with several hundred (as many as a thousand if rumor is true) other sock knitters.  Yes, it is Sock Wars III!  Not quite sure what the kick off time is going to be, but the date our dossiers will be emailed is the 9th.  We will receive our victims details (sock size) and address.  Speed will determine the victor.  Surviving the first round will be a miracle as I am not a fast Knitter.