Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Helicopter Tour

Today Greg and I took a long-anticipated helicopter ride with the Pasadena Police Department. This was the eTicket ride I thought it would be when I bid on it at the Bienvenidos benefit last year. The pilot who took us up, Mark Lang, was a true professional and a credit to the department. We met the entire staff, pilots from Pasadena PD and other cities, and the support staff who keep the ships in the air. The weather couldn't have been are a few shots of my adventure.

I've also been busy knitting.  Yesterday was a work day for me (at Skein), some friends dropped by, I taught several lessons and managed to complete a hat out of some lovely chunky Malabrigo that was purchased two weeks ago.
The pattern is Foliage, from It literally flew off the needles once I got the top down bit started. Next I'll try the worsted version as I just happen to have a few skeins around.

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