Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can You Guess?

Can you guess the name of well-known Pasadena restaurant from this hint??If you know me (and Pasadena) at will probably guess correctly.

The knitting has been fast and furious. Nothing challenging so far this Summer since I have been working almost every day at Skein. Nancy better be enjoying her vacation! Payback is just around the corner... (insert evil laughter here)

Off the needles in the last little while are three simple projects you can find on my Ravelry project page, if interested in details.

The bird feeders are attracting all sorts of creatures. Yesterday, once again, the furry grey seed guzzler was observed at work...perhaps I will have to get a spinning feeder.
This morning, while attempting to snap that perfect project picture we saw...a really beautiful hummingbird. He came right over and hovered near us assessing our threat-level. It was obvious that he thought we were not going to bother he hung around the feeder while I snapped away.

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