Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hog Sitting & Knitting

For the past few days I have been hedgehog sitting and knitting up a storm. Truffles is her name and running on the wheel late at night is her game...

Her roomy three story condo is smack dab in the middle of my yet to be finished craft room. That insures that Spooky, our killer cat, doesn't stress the little creature. Truffles is really sweet and appreciates visitors if you can keep her hours. During the day, she curls up in a pouch on the bottom floor and naps.

One project came off the needles today. The hat pictured above is a test knit for CathyCate (on Ravelry). It is the second version of her Hat without a Name...a fun, fast knit.
This morning, after breakfast out, we took a different route home.  When I spotted this little fellow camped out on a roof...I had to turn around to take a second look and snap a photo.  He was silently enjoying watching other dogs pass by from a safe vantage point. Smart fellow!


Cathy-Cate said...

Hey, nice hat!
: )

I LOVE the hedgehog! I'll have to show your photos to my kids when I'm back home (traveling at the moment).

And that's a great dog picture. I wish I had my camera with me 100% of the time, there are those photos like yours that come up unexpectedly so often.

C. said...