Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Boy

Jackson and his mother were in town this weekend and had dinner with us on Friday. Before going to El Portal, we met at Hobby People to see what Jackson might be interested in for a holiday gift. I think he found the perfect includes fast cars (a consuming interest).

Friday and Saturday were work days at Skein. We were quite busy and I had several students drop in. I also had the pleasure of meeting two fellow Ravelers, DougLaughlin and Asplund. They were checking out LYSs and we were on their list. Asplund showed me some of his knitting (very impressive) and I mentioned that I would be interested in attending a class if one was held close by.. You never know who might come into the store! 

The Cherry Garcia was a quick knit and another will be cast on in a day or two. The cables turned out nicely in the Malabrigo Chunky, I think. The poor squirrels are inching along, too. Today it struck me that stars look more like dive bombing birds of prey intent on doing harm to the scraggly squirrels.

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Christine said...

OMG! They do look like diving birds! Love the Cherry Garcia!