Friday, December 5, 2008

Squirrels and Wollmeise

Squirrel Crossing
The squirrel mittens are coming along. I have finished the body of the first one. This project has been a huge learning experience which will continue with the second one. Tension is an issue when knitting two colors coming from two directions, using different styles. I did it once before, over a year ago on a simple hat. This is a different animal altogether.
As you can see, the glove is positioned on a laptop. That is because last night (more correctly, early this morning, PST), the Wollmeise shop was updated. Thanks to Ravelry, I had all my squirrels in a row and was in position when the  virtual door opened. I scored big time thanks to all of the hints from my fellow Wollmeise addicts. I was on two computers. On one I monitered the shop website and on the second I chatted with people from all corners of the world who were waiting with me. What interesting times we live in!

1 comment:

MoniqueB. said...

Hi Sue,
lovely mittens, those squirrels aren't going cold this winter!

I don't 'get' what is going on with Wollmeise, but I get that it was huge!

Merry Christmas.