Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Special 4th!

My DH has decided to take today off to celebrate the 4th. This afternoon he is watching the History Channel special on the Revolutionary War and I am attempting a Mermaid Sock. He has a kit rifle of the period in progress, too!
Over the past three years I have been able to take classes from Lucy Neatby at Stitches West. Her teaching style is to be admired and the patterns are interesting. Her Mermaid Socks have called to me and (until now) I have resisted. Then I saw the perfect colorway sitting on the shelf at Skein the other day...another project underway. Our daughter left for Boston last night on Virgin America with a whopping 10 pieces of luggage. It turned out to be an efficient and inexpensive way to move certain items. Who would have guessed that? She plans to see the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular this evening in person. We will watch it on TV.

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Lisa said...

That's a good looking sock! I've wanted to make Mermaid socks for a long time. I hope you're not too lonely w/o Megan.