Thursday, July 9, 2009

SS09 Countdown

I am in serious countdown mode to Sock Summit. The group on Ravelry dedicated to this glorious event is quite active, as you can imagine. The thread about the Sock Museum inspired me to finally attempt The Mermaid Sock and my version is humming along nicely. In the process, I have learned a new heel and how to graft stitches more efficiently. GrammaK (on Ravelry) is submitting a Mermaid Sock to the Sock Museum project and she faved mine. What an honor!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we celebrated an anniversary. That evening we picked our daughter up at the airport and she surprised us with a container of live (thank goodness) lobsters. We enjoyed them for lunch yesterday. Yes, they were quite tasty.

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angporter1 said...

Now that's a cool sock! It looks like there are more than a few techniques in it, not to mention how nicely the colors in yarn itself are swirling.