Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Weekend

Yesterday I went with Ann Mary to the TNNA show in Long Beach. It was really exciting to see all the new yarns and patterns that will be coming to the store for the next season. It was sort of a sneak preview. I couldn't take pictures inside the convention center, sorry. But I did spot Lily Chin and Cat Bordhi signing books! Casey (of Ravelry fame) was also in the hall. My lips are sealed about what is coming into the shop until I have the go-ahead....but there are some fun and quite yummy items on order.

A few people have asked questions about the new camera, the one I got for my birthday this year. It has some features that make it really special - one is face recognition and that it waits if the subject blinks, another is that it goes underwater (for the snorkeling and pool photos)...and (my personal favorite) it does panorama pictures seamlessly with onboard software. You can also set it to wait for the subjects to smile. This wonder is called Optio-W80 and this is what it looks like.

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