Monday, December 31, 2007

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That's me at Xel-Ha poised to chase the fish around! The water was warm enough to swim in for an extended period without a wet suit.

It is New Year's Eve in Pasadena, Rose Parade central. Colorado Blvd. is lined with brave parade watchers. Greg and I will probably not make our usual drive down at 11 p.m. this evening as we are both very busy with projects around the house.

I promised to post a few more pictures from the trip to Cancun - hopefully, I will get them in their correct locations. The first few are more animals and believe it or not, they were all on the resort grounds. Yes, one of the crocodiles is quite large and the other is a baby.
The next two pictures are of a heron, we saw several and they were not shy, at all...and Meghan's personal favorite, iguanas.

The next two pictures are of a large photograph that hangs in the entryway to Del Lago, one of several restaurants at the Mayan Palace, and a dancer we saw near Tulum. I was struck with how similar they looked. The young man spoke with us at length after his performance because he was interested in the design on my shirt. He explained what the symbols represented and said he was familiar with the artist. By the way, I purchased it from a booth at the Pomona Fair two years ago.

The next shots are from Tulum - they are of a particular building, a sign that tells something about it and a closeup that shows great detail, I think.

My final picture from Mexico will show you how little knitting I was able to do on this trip...practically none. However, the Jaywalker is underway and I truly love working with the cashmere yarn from the Knittery.

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