Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Start the New Year Right

We got up early this morning and went to the gym before breakfast. One of my New Year's resolutions was to take better care of my, so far, so good.

I have one or two more shots from our trip that must be shared. This one is a starfish that was taken on the journey to Sian Ka'an. We also saw a spiny lobster! Yes, that is brain coral in the foreground.

The day before we left for Mexico, Meghan found out that both she and Julien had "won" the Caltech Olive Oil Lottery. I had not heard about it before she told me (apparently, it was in the local news). Caltech staff, faculty and students participated in the collection of olives from the trees on campus and the olives were pressed to extract oil. Since there was a limited amount, a lottery was conducted to offer a chance to purchase the bottled oil. One of their bottles went to France with Meghan. The other will be sampled after they return.
Over the past two days I have had several communications from fellow campers from Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Camp Cockamamie held on Orcas Island last April. We all had a such a wonderful time at Rosario with Stephanie, Cat and Cookie A. I took my first (and second) seaplane ride to the resort, purchased way too much yarn....and can't wait to go to Camp Crows Feet this year and repeat the experience!

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