Friday, December 18, 2009

Jack-in-the-Box Mittens

A customer came into Skein last Tuesday who had seen some flip-top mittens that morning at Nordstrom. She decided to investigate knitting a pair for herself. I whipped out my iphone to check a pattern source on Ravelry (boy is that convenient) and found that several people had made this pattern and were happy with the outcome. It comes from a book, Knitting New Mittens & Gloves, that I happened to have in my collection. My DH was on his way into Pasadena when I called to see if he could drop it by the store...and he could. Eiko was thrilled that she was able to start the project and selected some Lamb's Pride in a soft pink, purchased needles and cast on for the cuff. One cuff was finished before she left and the other will be finished before she comes in this afternoon. The plan is that the first will sit on waste yarn until she completes one mitten. When I got home that evening I went stash diving and came up with yarn (color: Wild Oak) to start my own pair of mittens!

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