Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Journey's End and Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day back to Skein after Christmas vacation. It was a wonderful, busy day filled with old students, new students, a very good friend and many (yes, many) customers.

Unpacking is going slowly. There were a few souvenirs from this trip. Xcaret, as I mentioned in the previous post has many little areas that you just happen on. On our way to the wool shop we found a wood carver. He had been trained by his father and had many designs fashioned from mahogany. I selected this one because it reminded me of a Mayan dancer we had just seen.

He placed a hole in the back for hanging and signed the piece, too!
We spent most of one afternoon in Playa del Carmen. One shop had the most colorful textiles displayed...

There were a few interesting signs along 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.

Then it was back to the Grand Mayan to work on our skills at taking panorama shots with the new camera(the same one used for underwater shots). The panorama feature actually splices together a 3 shot series with internal software. There is a ghost image of the previous shot to help you line up the next one. It is very user friendly. We used it at the Xcaret show and for some outside shots on the resort property.This is the front end of the snake sculpture.

The final pictures from our adventure is something we haven't done since we were married. A professional portrait of the two of us..there are actually three. Which one do you like best?

Please let me know.


C.L. said...

Hi Susan,
What a lovely trip! I like them all, but vote for the black and white one. It's very wistful and romantic looking. Just my 2 cents!
Thanks for all the great pics!

Ana Petrova said...

Hi Susan,
Now that you've asked, I like the third one. You both look really happy there. And it looks like a formal portrait. I'm of the opinion that a professional formal portrait should look like a formal portrait rathe than a snap shot.

Just my 2 cents.

It does look like you had a wonderful trip.

Happy Knitting,

ellen said...

I like the one of you and your husband sitting together