Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xcaret and a Knitting Lesson

We arrived home from a wonderful Christmas in Cancun late Sunday. Christmas week is a good time for my DH to take a break from his busy schedule for sun and some fun activities. Many of his students travel to see family, ski or are involved in school activities.....so a perfect time to steal him away!

I went to the Yucatan with our daughter a few years ago and spent a fun day at Xcaret. This was Greg's first visit. We bought the "all inclusive" and added a snorkeling package. It was a very full, fun-filled day. The evening show was truly spectacular. We saw a Mayan ball game, an early version of field hockey played with flaming balls (I have video), flying men, mariachi, equestrians, and many dancers. Here are a few pictures-

Xcaret is a huge park with more features than you could take in in just one day. Last time I was there I swam the underground river. This trip we walked the grounds and saw some different things...

Yes, there is a yarn experience to be had at the park!

Back at the Grand Mayan for a day of sun and relaxation, when I least expected it....
Greg came over and said, "I think someone needs knitting help over there." He indicated an area near the pool's sandy beach and a woman in a black bathing suit. He wasn't kidding. I went over and easily found Nina (from Wisconsin) who had unraveled her twirly scarf for the third time. She needed a few pointers and was good to go in no time. Who would guess that knitting skills would come in handy at the Grand Mayan pool?

I did finish the Jack-in-the-Box mittens over the break. You can check them out on my Ravelry project page. They are a fast knit and a good pattern.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!

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