Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still Unpacking ....

Sorry for doing the reveal in dribs and drabs...there is just too much for me to post in one sitting. You know, there is knitting to be done, too. Just off the needles this morning is another hat to keep my daughter's head warm when she is in Boston. It was a fun knit in a lovely yarn.

The third sweater project that I purchased while at Stitches West is a Lucy Neatby design, Venus Rising. The yarn I will be using is Kauni, a wool that I had, until Stitches, not seen in person. It is beautiful, colorful..and will keep me entertained while knitting!
Next out of the bag are some wonderful sock yarns. If you know know that I have a special weakness for Blue Moon's fingering weight sock yarn. Like I don't have enough already!
Here are some that I could not resist adding to my collection.
and there were the other random sock yarns that I could not leave behind....

still unpacking ....more sock yarn

Well, that will have to be all for today. We have plumbing and carpentry projects underway and the craftroom is in need of organization...patterns to sort into binders.

Just a typical Sunday at home.

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Linda said...

Looks like you had lots of fun at Stitches! I'll miss you at Sock Camp, but hopefully I'll see you at Sock Summit!