Sunday, April 20, 2008

1st Post Camp Post

I have decided to post one day at a time, as there are just too many good pictures! The first day was last Saturday, the 12th.  The Hilton Gardens sent a shuttle to pick me up at SeaTac around 10AM and I encountered two members of our group, knitting in the lobby.
Joan is on the left and Socktopus (Alice) is on the right.

                              CathyCate and Samro(KnitQuest) were also in the house.

Alice from the Heartland (Altygrae), consulted the map for the big yarn crawl.Nederlass (MJ) drove her "short bus" that had been painted for the Knotorious Knitters yarn crawl the previous day.  Stariel (Ariel) helped pass our our special bus passes that were provided by MJ's husband.  What a cool guy!

After picking up the last to arrive, we boarded the bus.
....and hit the road.

The first yarn store we hit was Weaving Works.  I think everyone came away with something...I certainly did.

The next few shots were taken after we left the bus in Seattle and boarded the ferry bound for Bainbridge Island and our last adventure for the first day.  The picture on the left is of a restaurant that Chappy thought her husband, John, would enjoy. The one on the left is a view of the city from the ferry, as we are pulling away.

My favorite shot taken during the short ferry ride was what I call "Alice Under Glass." Look carefully and you will see why-We had heard wonderful things about Churchmouse Yarns...and they were all true. The staff welcomed us with sherry and shortbread.  We responded, in turn, by making many purchases.

Tomorrow I will post about our next adventures-Roche Harbor and the alpaca farm.

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Larry said...

Happy to see you got home safely, and it seems like you really had a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing you sometime this week. Maybe today? and hearing all about the camp.