Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Up Early

I woke up early today.  Guess my system is operating on Cancun time- it is 7:30 there, 5:30 here.  My project for this morning is laundry and cataloguing my Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock...in preparation for next week's Camp Crows Feet.  I don't want to buy a colorway that is already in my stash-or do I?
Today I am including three more pictures from our trip.  The first one is of a cenote located on the grounds of a hotel near Chichen Itza.  Since the water is quite cool and I was somewhat tired from tromping around, I opted out of the swimming experience.  On our last trip we did swim in one that was not quite so open to the air.
The next shot is one of the omnipresent reptiles.  This medium-sized iguana resides on the property of the Mayaland Hotel.  The shot of the caracol (snail) observatory at Chichen Itza that I included in yesterday's posting was shot from the lobby of the hotel.The last shot for today is my husband, Greg, on the beach at our hotel.  Yes, there is quite a breeze!Sorry if some of the pictures look cluttered in yesterday's posting.  If you click on them individually, you will have a good view.  One of them was of a very large hermit crab in a conch shell held by our guide.

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Lisa said...

Medium sized??? He looks pretty big to me!