Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out for Delivery/ Camp Fun

Thank God for UPS tracking.  It says my two packages from Orcas are "out for delivery." I can't wait to hear the truck turn down my street....that means my yarn is almost home. YIPPEE!!!!
This is a  shot of me in the winners' (yes, there were several categories) circle for our TP project.  My entry was judged to be The Tallest.
The bottom bit is a large, messy crow's nest filled with metalic and other assorted yarns, the crow is perched atop a TP holder made with several yarns held together (my first attempt at crochet) sporting a gold tassel, and the crow was fashioned from fabric I knitted, cut and sewed onto a coat hanger armature. 
Some of the following pictures you may have seen on other blogs-they ALL were amazing.                   


Then there were the Funky Monkeys and The Mother of all Monkeys, Cockeyed.  Little did she know when she wrote the pattern what she would become....

or did she?

They were all great works of art...don't you think?  I learned to needle felt when I made my monkey's handlebar.
The night before they were presented, a group of us were sitting at the Rosario bar sipping on The Ghost of Alice and other drinks...Chappy (on Ravelry) was next to me furiously needle felting her monkey's fez.  A lady siddled up to her and inquired what she was doing.  It appeared that her husband was a Shriner and her daughter thought Chappy was performing a voodoo rite on a Shriner image when she saw her stabbing her monkey.

Tonight we are going out to Daisy Mint for dinner.  Knitdad mentioned it to me a couple of times - and my daughter said that she really liked the place.  Greg and I decided to try it for lunch yesterday and were surprised that we knew the owner, John. Several years ago he was a fellow customer of Eagle Tools, a business Greg has purchased some woodworking machinery from. They recognized each other immediately.  Small world. Daisy Mint is receiving good reviews which are well deserved.  Our lunch was delicious!

Over the weekend I will post the yarns purchased during the crawl and at camp.


cockeyed said...

I have been called many things in my life, but I do think the best this is "the mother of all monkeys". Thanks, you ROCK!!

Sam said...

Wow, A picture of me I actually like! I was having so much fun I couldn't make mutant faces for the camera. Can I steal a copy?

BubbieLiz said...

SO glad your pkgs are on the way home!! Still laughing about the voodoo spells, still amazed at the hours of fun making a monkey; my daughter immediately took Swami-Monkey-Rama to work, where he's perched near her computer reminding her to breathe, baby, breathe!
Hugs from Chi-town