Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Garden Tour

Our poor garden has been neglected recently, with all of our travels. Since we both enjoy digging in the dirt, planting and harvesting there will be some time spent outside this week.  The roses seem to be fairly free of aphids because we emptied two containers of ladybugs in the front yard- one just before going to Cancun and the second after returning. The blooms are fantastic!
I snapped the above shot the other evening.  Spookie was at the apex of the roof when I first noticed him-and had moved down the roofline by the time Greg grabbed his camera.  The clouds are interesting, too. More typically, the Spookster can be found snoozing in the that a smile on his face?  He must be dreaming.

I was at Unraveled all day yesterday...and stayed for Knit Night with the group.  A few of us went out for a quick bite and beverages before meeting up. It seems that KnitDad had not been introduced to Cadillac Margaritas. That was remedied in short order!
The first Cedar Creek Sock was off the needles Monday evening and the second one started immediately.  I like working with the metal dpns with STR drag on the needles.  We'll see how long this second sock takes.

Today is a very sad day for me.  It marks the official closing of Macy's (Bullocks) on South Lake. They say it will reopen sometime next October,  after seismic retrofitting and a face lift.  I snapped this shot with my iphone last was very sad to see the interior so empty. Almost too sad to shop. 


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