Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back Home and Back to Work!

It has been so much fun organizing my photos from Alaska with all of the iphoto tools. Putting together a slide show with music was simple enough for me to do...proof that I was born at the right time.

I thought you might enjoy two more muskox related shots.

The first shot was taken on the musk ox farm started by John Teal Jr. as a non-profit in 1954. He believed that viable regional agriculture must come from the domestication of native species. The under wool, gathered in the Spring, is delivered to a native knitters' coop. The coop's 250 members knit the qiviuk into beautiful garments using traditional village patterns. Money from the sale of the items provides much needed income to the knitters. While the farm is currently struggling to stay afloat, it seems that Quill, his granddaughter, is focused on keeping his vision alive.

The photo on the right was taken from inside the Windy Valley Musk Ox shop. It is actually a room in their home! I couldn't resist the pattern hanging in the window. Isn't it lovely? It takes an unusual blend of youth, strength and vision to raise musk ox, offer beautiful patterns and luxury fiber for sale while raising five year old triplets on a farm in Alaska.

The next two shots are from a train ride that was truly breathtaking...

Yes, that is the front of the my train, crossing a bridge and entering a tunnel.

The last Alaskan snapshot is of a Tibetan Mastiff lounging in his owner's truck. He occupied the entire front seat! I purchased a pair of earrings from his owner minutes after taking this picture.

Since arriving home on Sunday, I have been dividing my time between catching up on mail, laundry mountain, a few hours at Skein and dealing with the rose bushes in our front yard. Can you spot the insect in the first picture and the basking lizard on the rock?

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