Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Weekend!!

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Father's Day this Sunday. Our DD sent an overnight package that arrived with directions for me to open it upon arrival and give Greg one of his gifts early. What a wonderful, yummy treat she made for her Dad! Lucky me, I get to have some, too. She is quite the accomplished bread baker....

Greg's favorite rose bush, deep red with touches of black, produced some lovely blooms that are in the waiting room. They are just in time for his special day.

Knittingwise, the Iceland (scroll down in this link) is now on the front burner. It is a kimono-style garment that was started and neglected. Not that I don't like it...just that I have been easily distracted by other projects. My goal is to finish most of it before going back to work next Tuesday. In any case, a photo of the progress will be posted soon. Now that I have said it here...perhaps it will actually happen.

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