Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garden Tour II

Today I took the camera along our daily garden tour and discovered why one of the bird feeders was going down so quickly.Sometimes he (yes, it is a he) thinks that he can hide in the hedge and not be seen!  I am going to have to dig up some squirrel recipes if this keeps up.

But, I must say that the effort put forth in planting a few weeks ago is beginning to pay off.

We have peppers(several kinds), pumpkins, tomatoes of all sorts, Japanese eggplant and cucumbers (burpless variety)  merrily growing.  The roses and other flowering plants benefit from the company and additional care and feeding.

Spookie has really enjoyed the addition of bird feeders to the garden.  So far he has behaved himself.  However, that will probably not last much longer.  I think that he subscribes to a quote I saw at the back of Brad Thor's The Lions of Lucerne - De inimico non loquaris sed cogites (Do not wish ill for your enemy...plan it).  Thor's website is worth visiting so click on the link if you have time.

Last night the Monos Locos were finished during knitting group.  We had margaritas to inspire our knitting-so I should probably take a closer look at them before posting a picture.  You never know! 
Speaking of sock knitting, there is a new pattern in my list of must knits.  Linda Welsh, a fellow BMFA's Sock Camp camper has a pattern on  Check it is called Spring Forward.  How exciting!  Way to go Linda!!

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