Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spring Forward #1

The first Spring Forward Sock is off the needles and kitchenered. It is done in BMFA's fingering weight Lemongrass. If you care to look, I have several views posted on my Ravelry projects page. The pattern was error free and quite easy.  No problems watching TV with this one!  Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Something exciting came in the mail just now....and it was not my Death Socks! Something much better than that. My latest ebay victory...Wollmeise. I am embarrassed to mention how much I paid for it. You know that MUST HAVE feeling? Here it is....the colorway is Brombeere.
Our tomato crop was increased by three plants yesterday. That brings us to a grand total of thirteen plants.  The additions are different varieties of "large" tomatoes.  We had neglected to select and plant that category - but made up for our oversight.  Stand back...Killer Tomatoes due to attack soon.

Our plants seem quite happy and most of the blossoms seem to be setting without needing encouragement.  We don't have enough to share yet...but that situation won't last much longer. That is, of course, if the squirrels don't run out of birdseed and develop a taste for tomatoes!

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