Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Race is on

I have been contacted by both my assassin ("killer" Freda from Canada) and the person who has to mail socks in progress(actually totally unraveled) Gayle from the UK.  That weapon is intended for Kimberly(Avenging bunny) who is from WV.  Is your head spinning yet?  Sock Wars is complicated unless you are smack in the middle of the war! Of the original 1153 warriors, 384 remain as of 9PM (Pacific Time).  I will be dead by Monday as Freda mentioned that she would be mailing my death socks tomorrow.  I have started writing my obituary.  Can someone suggest appropriate music?

On the brighter side, the toe up Monkey Socks are almost finished.  Only the cuffs remain to be knitted.  I should be able to complete them sometime tomorrow and will post a picture of them...

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Lisa said...

Well, you've fought the good fight and all that. How about some John Phillips Sousa followed by bagpipes. It is military funeral, after all.