Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Lull In the Battle

I had vowed not to post until I was killed in battle, however, with over 600 fallen warriors...oddly....I am still alive.  This fact has absolutely nothing to do with skill or cunning. It is simply the luck of the game once the socks are out of your hands.  It is imperative to knit and mail once you find a wip in your mailbox to move the game along.  The only way to deflect the socks coming to kill you is to encourage your killer's killer to, "knit like the wind."  Spring Fuller, this means you.  Knit your socks for Freda Veale and post them to Canada NOW!   The picture above is the package containing the weapon that killed Gail Woods. The Detonator Socks in progress were sent to me to finish by Lori in Nine Mile Falls, WA. They were made from a lovely shade of pale yellow ToFutsies .  What a wonderful death for poor Gail.  May she rest in peace.

Our front yard is full of roses and vegetables.  Having a front yard full of vegetables might seem strange to you...but it works for us.  We frequently enjoy a morning stroll through the yard with a cup of coffee and Spookie. There are so many interesting things to see.

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fishstuff said...

I mailed a box of lethal socks to Canada today. My fingers are all warmed up and knitting like the's next!?