Friday, July 4, 2008

A But the Kitchener....

The Annetrelac Sock #1 is almost finished.  My goal for the 4th was to finish the first one and to cast on the second.  Looks like I will make it!  

Last night was the first of two class meetings for Piecing 101 at New Moon Textiles, a new fabric store in the neighborhood. I had a great time and learned quite a bit.  
The picture shows the first set of squares and three of the six fabrics I have selected for the project.  Quilting was another craft I wanted to tackle during my retirement.  There are some talented teachers associated with this store and I have so much to learn.

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Larry said...

I really like your fabric choices, even more than I thought I would when you described them on Monday. And the Annetrelac looks terrific. I got a couple of rows done yesterday before I went to Robert's for dinner. And I'll probably get some more done today and tomorrow. It's hard on my eyes though.