Monday, July 14, 2008


The word on the street was that Wollmeise would be posted on The Loopy Ewe website sometime early this week. So, being obsessive and a compulsive sock knitter, I kept a laptop within reach while I was knitting Greg's Wollmeise Earl Grey Sock. Every few minutes I refreshed the screen. Then....Lo and behold, at 7PM (Pacific Time)....there it was! Sadly, I browsed too long and many of my purchases disappeared out of my cart before I checked out (less than 5 minutes later). Neither of the two items I managed to bag were my first choice.  However, I did score some Wollmeise.  Woot!  The colorways that I will have the pleasure of paying for are Indisch Rot and Zenzi. Before the bloodbath started, I managed to finish one sock up to the heel turn.  All in all, it was a fantastic sock-filled day.

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