Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stolen Shoe

Before I found my snazzy green clogs, I had a pair of old flip flops that I kept on the front step to wear in the garden. However, one of them went missing a few weeks ago (hence, the purchase of the Sloggers). This morning Greg found the missing sandal on one of the critter trails, along the side of our house.  Someone had a good time chewing my shoe!

Yesterday, before working at Unraveled, I snapped a few shots of my first entrelac sock.

Today is our 35th Anniversary. Greg has always given me yellow roses for our Anniversary. Today was not an exception.

Christine, the owner of Unraveled, surprised me with some thoughtful gifts to kick off our anniversary festivities.  Now Greg can't lose his place with magnetic bookmarks...and what girl from Arizona doesn't love a turquoise and coral cuff?

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gardienne said...

Ok, so how strange is that? My "assassin" in the sock wars has the same Anniversary as I do! Though we celebrated our 7th this year... :) Happy Anniversary!