Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harbor Cruise 2008

Today was our knitting group's annual harbor cruise and trip to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company.  I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Good people, good food & drink and....did I mention YARN?  Our captain this year, Fran, pointed out some things we had not seen before.  Luckily, not too much wine was spilled and I remembered the wasabi nuts.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

           Andy and Mendy                                                                                        Mario


Hopefully, someone else got a shot of Rene and Larry.  I was sitting in the wrong place to get either one of them.  I didn't get a decent moon jellyfish picture this year...but I did get this sign that I didn't remember from our last trip.
Now for the stash enhancement shot you have been waiting for. You know there had to be yarn if we went all the way to Alamitos Bay. Everything except the Schaefer Anne was purchased at Alamitos...that was a drive by after leaving Mendy's.  
Bad, bad Susan!

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