Monday, November 12, 2007

Butterfly Birthday

We just arrived back home from the best birthday yet. My actual birthday falls later this month, close to Thanksgiving. Since so much is happening around the true date, we decided it would be more convenient to celebrate early. Combine that with the Monarch migration...what do you come up with??.....that's right, a trip to Pismo Beach to photograph the Monarchs. The really good pictures are on Julien's camera. So, meanwhile, you will have to be satisfied with some shots I was able to get.
Saturday, after work at Unraveled, we rolled down the hill to pick up Meghan and Julien. Then off to Santa Barbara for dinner and zzzzz. Meghan had booked the lodgings and made our dinner reservation. Both were fantastic. Dinner at Downey's was perfect, not rushed at all. It is a real hands-on establishment from the wonderful dishes from the kitchen to the California landscapes hanging on the walls. The Marina Beach Motel, located not too far from the pier, provided a comfortable bed and a delicious continental breakfast Sunday AM. We continued on to Pismo, to see the butterflies and have "world famous chowder" at Splash before checking into the Sycamore for our second night. Present opening happened before dinner at the Gardens of Avila (on the grounds of the resort). The gifts were perfect - what is better than yarn?...more yarn, that's correct! I got quite a haul. Meghan has been providing my own private sock club. As you will see by photos of her selections in a future post, I will soon be knitting 24/7. Greg, who finds the perfect gift no matter what the occasion, presented me with a butterfly feeder and framed butterflies for the soon-to-be-finished craft room. After checking out of Sycamore and bidding our hot tub a fond farewell, we stopped at Avila Valley Barn for some animal petting, purchases and photos before a final Monarch viewing.
It was a perfect birthday. Thank you, one and all...

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Larry said...

Really cool! Love the photo of the monarchs. Am looking forward to seeing your new yarns. Maybe later today.