Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day & Weekend

Greg and I had to fend for ourselves this Thanksgiving, so we decided to do it in grand style. After we squeaked into the Raymond Restaurant, a personal favorite, both of us selected traditional turkey entree, followed by pumpkin pie.  The starter was a delicious set trio, so no choice there.  I had intended to take a photo, but the marguerita and wine caused me to forget. 

Saturday was busy at Unraveled.  It slowed down a bit after 2:30.  Knitdad dropped by for lunch and emergency advice on the Patrick Sweater.  I am at the back armhole decreases and misread the directions.  Actually there are two was not carefully reading the pattern and the other is due to my not knowing how to handle the pattern when some stitches have been decreased away.  Because what he said did not sink in, I will have to travel over to S.i.T for an official drop-in today. 
Because the Patrick was dead in the water, I started another project that will be a Christmas gift.  The pattern has a 19 row repeat to keep me on my toes.  
Sunday morning, after breakfast at the Central Park Cafe, D & J (our friends from Virginia) piled into the hybrid for a trip to the L.A. Equestrian Center.  There was an Arabian show that ran from Fri-Sun in progress.  One of the horses entered is owned by friends from Altadena, and I thought that J might enjoy an outside activity.  It seemed to be a hit and he snapped many pictures with his new camera.  He also kept up a running commentary that sounded strangely like a NACAR race.  I have also included a picture of our friend with his horse, Santiago. The second shot is Wolf, his gorgeous stallion.

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