Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tidal Wave Socks..

were finished last night, before Knit Group. I had assumed that they were close to completion the night before-but, when I tried the second sock was a wee bit snug. Comfort is important enough to me to encourage ripping back. So, in the spirit of my friend, Mario, I bit the bullet and frogged back to the bit before the toe decreases. All went smoothly and, thankfully, the Kitchener was done before the group arrived. The group is quite lively and I have to be really focused when I weave the toe together.

Last night's Knit Group was both fun and informative. Several interesting projects were shared and my friend, Pat B., not only joined us-but also brought nummy treats. They were traditional French cookies called Financiers. Truly too good to describe. My daughter was given some of the ingredients that are hard to obtain here via Pat's sister(who lives in France)...and made some that I sampled last year. Thank you, Pat. Now back to the gym for me!

This morning we are planting tomato plants that were purchased a few weeks ago. Last year our garden didn't really get off the ground. Hopefully, we will do better and have wonderful produce to share with friends. We'll see.

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