Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't Drink and Knit

We went to the Vertical Bar last night and enjoyed a flight #11 and some delicious, tasty morsels...that were followed by berries and port at home. Then I decided to knit. Bad we'll see if I can pick up that missing stitch without ripping back too far.

Yesterday my new dpn sock needle set arrived from Knit Picks-
aren't they beautiful? My current project, Greg's socks, are on they will have to wait for the next pair.
We have been in touch with a relative(Greg's side) who is researching family genealogy. He said that he has information that indicates there was a relative in the Revolutionary War. If that is true, Meghan could be in the DAR if she chooses. We shall see what comes of this.
Can't resist including two photos of Spookie that I snapped this morning after breakfast.

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