Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cancun Calcitenes

Well, my "Lucky/Cancun Calcitenes" socks are underway. Yesterday I was in full panic mode when I encountered a sock construction that was novel to me...yes, I know that is what Cat Bordhi's newest book is all about. I just haven't wrapped my tiny brain around it yet. Slowly, I will, I trust - at Camp Crow's Feet, if not sooner.

Thanks to Ravelry, I was able to call in the "big guns." I put a shout out to some fantastic knitters who were further along on the sock...and they answered. As usual, I had already sorted out most of the problem (my lack of knowledge) by simply trusting the pattern and knitting as written and not OVERTHINKING.... I also called Knitdad and alerted him to my perceived problem as I will most likely end up at SIT for some much need help this Friday.

A big Thank You to Fiberfish and Nederlass for responding so quickly to my plea for help...

Now I am off to attempt a heel construction that is also going to be a new experience...deep breath, pick up the needles, exhale and begin....

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