Monday, March 10, 2008

Secret Project Underway

My long awaited "package" arrived from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It contained some bits and pieces of yarn and directions for the camp project. I think most of the sophomore campers expected that we would be constructing a crow, based on our chicken assignment for last year's Camp Cockamamie. Well, surprise, surprise...if you are going to Orcas Island for the event, you probably already know what Tina & group came up with. Unusual project is all I will say right now.... I already have my concept, yarn and plan of attack. The central piece is finished-my first crochet project, I might add. Some people who saw me working on it earlier today were relieved when I explained that it was a joke. Needless to say there were many sideways glances cast my way. Sorry, no picture will be posted until it has been officially unveiled at Rosario Resort. Thanks, Knitdad, for the crochet tutorial!

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