Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where did it all come from?

All of the tubs behind me are FULL of yarn...and there are fourteen of them! Like some friends (who shall remain nameless), I have more yarn than any one person could knit in two lifetimes. Will that keep me from participating fully in the pre-camp (camp Crow's Feet) yarn crawl? I don't think so. If you are on Ravelry, you can see what the camp and pre camp yarn crawl chatter is by going to the BMFA/Socks that Rock group.

Fred, Greg's relative who is doing the genealogy on his mother's family, sent the packet that shows the relative who fought in the Revolutionary War. It is quite interesting...large families back then. This is a picture of Greg's mother.

The Gentleman Socks are coming along slowly. They have taken a back seat to the "secret project" that is well underway now.
Working on two circulars does have several advantages-including how easy they are to try on as you are working. It is clear now that I will have to take Knitdad up on his offer of another skein ...this pattern does eat up yarn.

Last week I purchased this frog keychain at SIT....yes, it seems that I have a small frog/toad collection...doesn't it?

Spookie is really enjoying the crisp, cool weather. He couldn't wait to get outside to go and explore the backyard...and I must get back to work.

I couldn't resist including this fantastic version of Swan Lake that was sent to us yesterday. Amazing what some people can do!

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