Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sock Progress

As you can see, the Leafling/Lucky/Cancun Calcitenes have made some progress.  Knitdad and I sorted out the heel turn yesterday afternoon.  This is a very interesting construction! A few additions to the pattern would have been helpful -a sentence here and there to assure less skilled knitters that they were, indeed, on the correct path. You know, words of encouragement...
We are not packed yet.  However, I did wrestle the suitcases out of the closet and Spookie has been checked into his favorite room at Cat's Pajamas.  Not much to pack really - shorts and swimsuits, suntan lotion and hats....and knitting.  Meghan downloaded some books and music to my ipod yesterday.  That should keep us entertained during the flight and shuttle rides.
Meghan and Julien gave us a copy some of the pictures they took from an Island Packer boat last weekend.  They went whale watching off Ventura and ended up in the middle of a mega dolphin pod.  It must have been thrilling.  Here is just one shot....I may/may not post from Mexico....we'll see what happens with the internet connections when we get down there.   I will have pictures at some point soon.
Adios for now...

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