Sunday, March 2, 2008

Patrick is Finished

The Patrick Sweater is officially finished.  Last Monday (fresh off the plane from Stitches West) I rolled into SIT for a redo of one shoulder whoopsie and then on to do the 3-needle bind off.  Knitdad showed me three different finishing techniques to use on this sweater. After the shoulders, I moved on to the sleeves.  They were attached using a crochet slip stitch.  On Friday he showed me how to do the mattress stitch for the sides. The result, I think, is a nice looking man sweater for a very deserving and stash tolerant husband.
My TOFUtsies arrived from YarnDogs, as promised.  Knitdad said that I would find that it splits a bit...that remains to be seen.  What a cool idea to have special colorways for Stitches West along with patterns in PDF.  What do you think of the colorways?
Yesterday was a work day at Unraveled.  I can't believe that I forgot to bring in the pink Koigu that Jillian requested from the Stitches market.  Sorry!  Hopefully she will be able to drop by when I will be there this Tuesday...the four skeins are already in my car-so I will have them for sure this time.
There was a large order of Sublime (aptly named)...much of it special tag yesterday.  Also, Janice was in to work with continuing students on their ongoing projects. Knitdad dropped in and was kind enough to help me sort out the tags. By the end of the day I was too tired to go out to a student concert with Greg.  So I stayed home and finished the first Tidal Wave Sock and cast on the second.  It seems that I am never too tired to knit.
This morning it is a really beautiful Southern California day.   After the gym and breakfast out, we hit some long neglected gardening chores.  Greg is over on the lot clearing shrubbery, so students can park.  I worked in the front for awhile, weeding around the rose bushes.  Spookie is keeping a sharp eye out for tasty morsels that we might uncover for him.


Larry said...

The sweater looks terrific. The fit is great. Greg must really like it since he stood still for a photo.

Spookie's picture is great.

Now, about that Tofutsies. I wonder if the red colorway will rub off on your needles like it did on mine. I used bamboo.

WonderMike said...

That sweater is AWESOME!!!!!