Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back on Track

I am "back in the groove" of familiar activities - working at Unraveled, doing laundry and trying to get some knitting done.
Doesn't Spookie look regal? This shot was taken the morning after we got back from vacation. When we arrived home from The Cats Pajamas, (his home away from home), he jumped on top of the magazine table in the studio to study his surroundings. The holiday bow they attached to his collar lasted only a few hours.
My Jaywalker Socks are coming nicely. As soon as I finished the first one, the second one was started. Nothing else gets knitted until this project is theory, at least.
The pattern is easy - a two row repeat, and very satisfying to watch develop. No doubt, several Jaywalkers will be done by this novice knitter in the very near future.
Meghan and Julien arrived back from France last night - safe and sound, thanks to our new-found airport limo service, AM-PM. After a very dangerous journey to LAX (when we were taking off for Cancun), we have all vowed NEVER to ride the "blue and yellow" van again. Between the shoddy equipment and a driver who was nodding off, it must have been divine intervention that got us to the airport safely. Perhaps it due to the two couples from Fuller Seminary who shared the van with us - I wanted to kiss the sidewalk when I got out of the van!
Here is a shot you won't see often from someone living in the hills above Pasadena - snow. I grabbed my camera when we got to the roof of the gym the other morning. It has been chilly all week- a real winter for us.

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