Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rockin Sock Club 2008

Great news today! I got a call from Tina at Blue Moon Fiber Arts about the balance for Camp Crows Feet and was told that they were opening up for a few more people to join this year's Rockin' Sock Club. I'm in! Usually I procrastinate and miss out on things like that...I am so happy. Do you think I will buy any less yarn when we go to Orcas Island for camp because I am in the club?? Probably not. According to chatter on Ravelry, most of last year's campers will be returning. Part of the adventure for me was getting there. After my flight from LAX to Seattle, I took a Kenmore Air seaplane (from Lake Union) that taxied right up to the dock at Rosario Resort where the camp was held.

My plan to continue with the two socks on one needle took a back seat to laundry mountain yesterday. Perhaps later today there will be a window of time to continue with that challenge. The big push is on to finish the "Christmas Jaywalkers" today. We'll see. Here is the most recent picture of the Jaywalkers...what do you think?Hopefully, Knitdad will not have to appear for jury duty tomorrow and I will be able to continue with the sleeves on Greg's sweater. If he is called to go in, that is when I will attempt the two sock challenge. Either way there is knitting to be done, all is well.

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