Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sock Washday

Finally, a sunny day to put socks out to dry!  We have our wonderful California sunshine back...yippee!
The Noro sock yarn unhappiness is spreading, apparently.  Knitdad did rip his sock out and orders have been cancelled at two LYSs that I know of.  Too bad, too.  I love the Noro colorways.  But, who needs to suffer when making something?  I am so not into that.

Today is going to be an adventure in knitting.  Last night, after work and before Knit Night at Unraveled, I cast on two socks on one circular.  Meghan  found Melissa Morgan-Oakes'  2-at-a-time Socks for me last week and now the time is right for the challenge.  The Patrick Sweater is on hold until second pair of Jaywalkers is progressing's see if I am up to it.

Greg and I had a delicious lunch at Matsuri and now it is on to projects.  

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