Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raining Cats and Dogs

It is really pouring outside! I know some of you who live in other locations will be unimpressed with our weather - but for those of us who live in So Cal this is really some downpour! Spookie is snuggled in his bed in front of the fireplace waiting patiently for someone to light it.

It is a perfect night to knit on my Patrick Sweater. I am at the armholes of front (back is already done) and can't believe that I made the same mistake in decreasing. No biggie, just one row to unknit. Knitdad to the rescue again. When I mentioned that the rate of decrease didn't make sense to me, he gently reminded me that I had made the same error on the back. Perhaps I should learn to read more carefully....

This mountain lion picture was taken by a person coming from the parking lot near the JPL bridge. It is a reminder to us all who live "close to nature" that we need to keep an eye on our pets and children.

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