Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Day Off

Happy day off to all of you people who would normally be at work. Thankfully, that no longer includes me. Since I only work part-time at Unraveled, and we are closed on Mondays, it means more crowds at my normal Monday routine at the gym and at Dish.

I am working on my second and third pairs of Jaywalkers at the same time. The second is a very Christmassy yarn that I acquired at a knitting group exchange. The third is out of a new Noro sock yarn. I haven't decided how I feel about the Noro yet - so far I am concerned about how it will feel on my feet. Rumor has it that the yarn softens up a bit after washing. We'll see - hopefully that is correct.

Saturday I received my latest Christmas gift - from Christine, who owns Unraveled. As you can see, it is a very lovely starfish. Such a wonderful reminder of Cancun snorkeling adventures past and to come.

Last night we had a delightful dinner at Gale's in Pasadena. It has become our favorite spot for entertaining special friends and late night dinners for the two of us.

On Thursday the author of The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs, is going to be at Vroman's Pasadena for a book discussion and signing. At this point it looks like I might pencil that into my calendar. I haven't read the book yet, might be fun.

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