Thursday, January 3, 2008

Last Christmas Pictures

In going over my lasts posts and pictures there are a few more items I should include from our vacation.

Meghan said that she had a gift for each of us to be opened Christmas morning. We had a small one for her, too. Mario, a knitting friend, made a fantastic risotto dish for our Christmas potluck at Mindy's. When he mentioned that the recipe was from The New York Cook Book and that it was just one of many he liked, I immediately ordered it online. Meghan enjoys cookbooks, so it was an easy choice as it included not only recipes but many interesting stories.
Meghan gave Greg several chunks of exotic wood. Who knows what he will decide to fashion them into...something beautiful!
When it came time to open my gift, I was truly surprised. I had not given any thought to trying my hand at spinning - even though many friends have. Knitting has been quite a stretch for me....but spinning will be fun. Included in the package was some roving that I will use after I have some knowledge of how to spin, I think. I have already contacted a friend who teaches drop spindle spinning and we will probably meet sometime next week.We had some favorite drinks ordered from the poolside service at the Mayan. One was coco fresco (without alcohol) and the crazy-looking pineapple was high octane.

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