Monday, February 4, 2008

I Survived Super Bowl Sunday!

Actually, I survived it in fine style. Our friends, Ken and Lorraine had a wonderful party with all the trimmings. There was an abundance of food and drink, several televisions and ample seating for their many guests. Mind you, this was after Greg and I attended the Chocolate Class at Williams-Sonoma that included samples of the recipes! A day of excess it was, indeed.

While watching the game, I did manage to finish the second Christmas Jaywalker sock. I just Kitchenered it together before writing this post. I also completed several rows of the Palindrome Scarf, a project for Unraveled in Karaoke yarn.

This afternoon I drove over to Stitch In Time to be near Knitdad, just in case the Patrick Sweater sleeves went south again. I am gaining confidence and doing much better with the side increases. Once there was a slight mishap, which I sorted out for myself with encouragement. Lisa and Fay Lynn both were there for awhile. Hopefully, we will all make it to Knit Night at Unraveled tomorrow, too!

Here is a peek at my attempt to do two socks one one circular. Not too sure how I feel about doing them this way yet. Think I'll be one of the die-hard DPN crowd....

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