Sunday, February 3, 2008

Raccoons Races

I think our resident raccoons are litter mates.  We have three and they seem to enjoy each other's company very much.  Racing across our long, interconnected roofline and eating quantities of Carolina Cherry fruits appear to be their main sources of joy. They pose for students leaving Greg's studio after lessons and seem very interested in us when we go out to snap a picture.  Here is a recent, very grainy shot of them taken the other night .  Hopefully, they are not doing too much damage to the roof while they are up there. Believe it or not, there are several recipes for raccoon on the internet, not that we are interested in doing that to our late night entertainment.

Before Unraveled opened Saturday, I was able to finish tagging the new Koigu shipment.  Very exciting stuff.  This is a long anticipated order and many customers will be in to check out the colorways. It will probably be out on the floor by Tuesday. Sorry, there is no picture as it appears that I left my camera at the store.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  We are going over to Ken and Lorraine's this afternoon for the festivities.  After breakfast and a Chocolate Class at Williams-Sonoma, we'll pick up a Salad Diane from Green Street and head over to their house.  Yes, I will take along some knitting (something simple) as I am not really a sports fan.  Probably the Palindrome made from Karaoke.  Yes, a sock project will most likely come along, as well.

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