Thursday, February 28, 2008

Non-Buyer's Remorse

I guess that is what you might call it. I passed up the TOFUtsies collecters kit with patterns(in PDF)...that was available from several booths at Stitches West. But this morning it was all I could think about. So I started my search by calling WEBS toll-free number. The news was not good. They said they would be happy to take my order - but they were currently out of stock and could not guarantee that they would receive any more from Southwest Trading Company. Which prompted my call to SWTC! Jonell answered my call and said that she was sure that Yarn Dogs in Los Gatos would be able to help me. Yes, they could. John said that he had one that he would be able to ship me later today.. HOORAY. Now I can relax and knit.

Tomorrow, Friday, I will go over to SIT for another lesson with goal will be to finish the Patrick Sweater. The shoulders are together(3-needle bind off) and the neck stitches were picked up and the neck is done. I want to take my time with the finishing and do my very best on this project.

I am including a link to the petition to save the Knitty Gritty Show. Click here if you want to sign the petition. Apparently, DIY plans to cut it along with other craft shows as part of a shift in programming focus. Not that I watch it often...but I know several customers who enjoy it on a regular basis.

Here is a peek at my newest project - the Tidal Wave Sock. Knitdad made it out of a black/white TOFUtsie that looked great. My attempt is moving ahead smoothly and a fun knit.

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